Top 5 Summer Travel Tips


Summer is here and with it, begins change. Children start looking forward to the end of their school year. The day gets longer, and people start preparing for their summer vacations.

With the excitement of this time, it is important to not forget practical realities. While it is fun to daydream about a future trip, there are crucial elements in the planning process one must not forget.

Check out these 5 tips:

1. The Basics 

Before anything else, the basic logistics of the trip must be planned out. This includes the general location of the trip, the specific place of accommodation, the length of time, and transportation to and from the destination as well as throughout the whole trip.

These details are the foundation of your trip and will guide you as you pack, budget, and schedule for the trip and while you are enjoying the trip itself.

2. In Case of Emergency

Another essential, basic, and practical tip is to let others know where you will be and how to reach you in case of an emergency. While we hope that no emergency should happen to you while you are on the trip or in general, things happen, and it is always better to hope for the best but always plan for the worst.

It is also wise to arrange any extra insurance that you may need throughout your trip. Make sure to include car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and others.

3. Attractions

Every place worth traveling to has numerous attractions. For the success of your trip, it is essential to do some research beforehand. Otherwise, you may waste precious time figuring out what you want to do instead of actually enjoying doing it.

Aside from attractions that will be nice to visit, planning for the cost of food is key. Therefore, before you venture out, we suggest you make a list of well-reviewed restaurants which should allow you to experience some of the culinary wonders of your chosen destination within your budget. As always, when planned out, it will be much easier to make healthier choices as well.

4. What to Bring

Once the details, emergency information, and attractions are planned out, it’s easier to know exactly what to bring. The above information should help you know what type of clothing to bring, how much food you should take from home, and what materials to pack. It is also vital to be realistic about how much you can carry.

Think methodically about what you will need, write out a list of what you will be packing, and make sure not to throw in any last-minute items that ultimately will force you to carry too many clothes around unnecessarily.

Remember that you will not want to pack any food that can easily spill or spoil. Also make sure to pack filling food as travelling can be exhausting. A great option for this is to pack Nutribars. With their delicious taste and nutritious value, you will be full for up to 5 hours!

Also make sure to stay hydrated. The summer is hot, the days are long, and drinking is often forgotten about. To be on top of your health and maintain a high energy level – drink up!

5. Money 

Keep in mind that while traveling can be quite enjoyable, it can also be exceptionally expensive. Therefore, have a clear budget prepared beforehand. It is also critical to take out local currency, when traveling abroad, in case of emergencies.

Pro tip: If you know that you will need to change currency, try to do it before you get to the airport, as they often charge astronomical fees that can add significantly to your costs.

It is advisable to inform your bank of your travels to avoid any problems around suspicious charges. Also, make sure your credit card of choice is accepted in your chosen destination. If not, it may be worth looking into a travel card – which works a little like the pay as you go phones of old.

With these tips, you are sure to enjoy your trip without setbacks. Being prepared and having healthy food choices available are a  great start for your get-away. Wherever you may be traveling, we hope you will make the most of it! Take lots of pictures, don’t get caught up on the small stuff and always keep a health bar on hand. Safe travels!


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