Nutribar Diet Success – Picture yourself here!

You too can submit your personal weight loss adventure. Here are just a few stories of real life experiences that will inspire you.

The Nutribar program inspires me to make better choices and live a healthier lifestyle. Since I have started, I’ve been trying to follow a regimen, set specific goals, and reduce the stress in my life. Everyone knows that a diet alone is not enough. The Nutribar plan provides a variety of foods and flavours, so I’m never bored. With the lifestyle changes I have made, I have only 14 pounds left to lose.

Toronto, ON

Everything psychologically is going the right way for me, and I can see the progress in my body and my health. I was cooking very unhealthy foods. Now I think of myself “inside” too. I will never eat the things I ate before and I appreciate that! The Nutribar program means I will be able to feed my family better too. My 12-year-old son is very supportive of me. I have lost 26 pounds so far, and am well on my way to reaching my goal.

Scarborough, ON

“I wanted to let you know of the success I have had using the Nutribar system. Although it has taken a little over 6 months, I have managed to lose over 40 pounds. Not only have I lost the weight, I have gained muscle because of the energy supplied by the meal replacement bars. I look forward to breakfast and lunch because I enjoy the bars so much. They satisfy my cravings for something sweet as well as give me a sense of fullness. I have tried various other meal replacement bars. The regular Nutribar keeps my hunger away for hours. Thank you so much for developing such an effective and tasty system.

Surrey, B.C.

I have a very busy schedule, so for me to grab a Nutribar shake or bar and go is so simple. I don’t have to worry about what I am going to eat. If you’re at work and you forgot your lunch, you don’t necessarily make the best choices. That’s the big thing for most women. I have lost all the weight I wanted to and now I can focus on maintaining it.


Ajax, ON

When I first started, I was eating quite frequently so that I didn’t have time to feel hungry. You eat on a regular basis so for me it established a routine. You don’t feel like you’re cheating yourself of anything. You have to eat a little bit of everything. Nutribar definitely works for me, and I love that I can continue using the products for maintaining my weight.

Aurora, ON