Meal Replacements

What You Need to Know About Meal Replacements

What exactly are meal replacement bars?

Meal replacement bars are how you can learn to consume food in smaller, nutritionally satisfying amounts without feeling deprived. A portion-controlled meal replacement bar contains protein, carbohydrates, fat and dietary fiber in satisfying amounts, along with the essential vitamins and minerals in amounts your body needs. Protein and dietary fiber are important ingredients in helping create a feeling of satisfaction and fullness, or satiety. Feeling satiated helps prevent food cravings that threaten to derail weight loss.

On the nutribar weight loss program, you have only one meal a day to prepare – not three. So, preparation takes little of your busy day. Instead, you can concentrate on learning new eating behaviours and working in regular exercise, knowing your essential nutrient requirements are being met.

Many people find measuring foods complicated if not outright annoying. Meal replacement bars are a great shortcut to dealing with portion control. They remove the decision-making and guesswork.

Why choose nutribar meal replacement bars?

The nutribar weight-loss plan helps you avoid skipping meals in your haste to lose weight.

Our range of nutribar product lines were developed to aid moderately overweight individuals with 10 to 35 pounds to lose, and who want to do this in a healthy manner. And looking for some variety in the process. The program focuses on healthy eating choices, variety, portion control, planned snacks, and the importance of regular exercise. Once you become educated in these areas, you stand a much better chance at committing to long-term, healthier lifestyle changes.

Every package comes with a suggested meal plan printed on the inside, and there are more ideas on this site. Daily caloric intake is divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there are snack suggestions for between meals.

Supported by online tips and tools such as our RFM and BMI calculators, and recipe planners created by our registered dietitians, you’ll quickly discover, as thousands have already, that nutribar is a “real life” solution to weight loss and weight maintenance.

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