Make Valentine’s Day Your Day


As I was looking through article after article about how to spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single, I felt a little discouraged. Some were saying to reflect on past mistakes, some were saying how to love yourself despite being single, and some were saying to take yourself out on a date.

While for some, these thoughts may be encouraging, I felt as if they were saying that one should not feel bad because they are single. In reality, though, why should one even think to feel bad because they are single? Whether someone is single, dating, married, or in a complicated relationship, every single person has people in their lives that love them. As such, Valentine’s Day does not need to only be about romantic love, it can be about any type of love you have in your life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having Valentine’s Day be about self-love. If you have the desire to go to a fancy restaurant, chill with a book and a glass of wine, or get your favourite take out to eat at home – you should! If you want to buy yourself a beautiful piece of jewelry, new makeup, or a new gadget – get it! If you want this day to be about the love you have for yourself, that is your prerogative and let no one tell you otherwise. This day is about love and happiness and you deserve to feel that no matter your marital status.

If you do want to spend the day with others though – do! This day is about love and if being with others brings you that, then spend the day with them. Just because you may not be spending the day with a ‘significant other’, does not mean that you are not significant to each other.

Maybe you find this type of relationship in a best friend who is also single. If you do, then you can spend the day with them (AKA Galentine’s Day)! You can make the day about your friendship. This could be buying each other gifts, going out to a nice restaurant together, or spending the evening watching a movie, going to a concert, or playing games at home. Take this day to be with each other and reflect on what your friendship means to you!

Or you can take the day to spend time with your family. Maybe that is a whole family outing, a movie with your mother, bowling with your father, a shopping spree with your sister, or taking your child to their favourite place. If you have a family member you have not spent quality time with for a while, what better time to do so than Valentine’s Day!

In this day and age, even distance should not be a deterrent. In the day of social media, video chat, and cell phones – even if not physically close, your loved ones are typically only a minute away. This may be the perfect time to schedule that long-awaited catch-up session that you have been meaning to make.

You see, Valentine’s Day does not need to be about a ‘significant other’ but rather it can be a day about another who is significant to you! Whether that is a family member, a close friend, or yourself! So, go ahead and plan your Valentine’s Day the way you want – you deserve it!

Let us know how you’re spending this Valentine’s Day in the comments section below!


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