Nutribar’s “Secret Sauce”

Nutribar's “Secret Sauce” - By Fran Jakubowicz Thousands of fans have asked about the “secret” ingredients contained in their beloved Nutribar shakes and bars and we’ve invited Jerry Abraham, Nutribar head honcho to tell all.  Jerry is the real deal. He, along with his family have been dishing out healthy products to support the active [...]

Inflammation-Fighting Superstar Superfoods

Inflammation is the process by which the body's white blood cells and the chemicals they manufacture protect us from trauma, injury and infections due to bacteria or viruses.  As the inflammation proceeds, these chemicals begin releasing other substances which halt the process, so the swelling doesn't spiral out of control. When inflammation does what it’s [...]

Wellness Retreats With A Twist

Talk about targeting a very specific consumer! The other day, while looking through my Facebook feed, I noticed this interesting trend of companies or stores specializing in one single product or service.  First, it was an ad for a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, dedicated to the avocado aficionado.   Every item they serve is centered around [...]

Active Recovery and You

Here’s a new oxymoron to file with favourite ones like military intelligence, deafening silence and seriously funny: active recovery. What? If “active” implies action and “recovery” requires rest, how exactly do these two things go together? Well, not only do they go together, but active recovery has become one of the biggest buzzworthy trends in [...]

Mindfulness and the Marvel of Urge Surfing

It seems that we are bombarded almost daily with a slew of new, “must-try-this” miracle solutions for all our health-related issues.  Some, like hot yoga, salt rooms and replacing grain flour with insect flour, have merit and are worth considering. Others, however, like placenta encapsulation, drinking charcoal and the Twinkie and baby food diet (which [...]