Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to embrace time with family. To help you create memories that will last a lifetime, we’ve rounded up 7 awesome ideas to get your gang active this Mother’s Day:

  • Dance the day away. Whether at a studio, an event, or even in your own living room – dancing is a phenomenal way to let loose with your loved ones and celebrate life. Dancing can also help you lose weight, tone muscles, improve balance, and beat stress. This makes dancing a great activity for the whole family. So get your dancing shoes this Mother’s Day and show off your moves!


  • Go to an exercise class together. The gym is a great place to go if you want to fit physical exercise into your day. While one can go alone, it is often more fun to bring a friend or family member along and is a great way to boost motivation. So this Mother’s Day take your son, daughter, or mother to a fitness center and start moving!


  • Karaoke. If dancing is not the activity for you but you still love music and want to let loose with your family, then why not try out karaoke? Rent a karaoke machine or download an app. Singing encourages endorphins and creates a fun atmosphere that everyone in the family can enjoy.


  • Spend time gardening. If you’re looking for a more relaxing and down to earth activity for Mother’s Day, gardening may be more your thing. Together as a family, gardening can help you make beautiful moments while helping Mother Nature grow.


  • Enjoy A Picnic. Making a picnic in the park or a botanical garden is another way to appreciate the world and our relationships with one another. Whether you want to relax in the grass, gaze at the beautiful flowers, or enjoy a beautiful lake – there is often plenty to see and do at these gardens. There may even be some animals around if you plan on going with children! Of course, don’t forget to pack your high-protein Nutribars, You will need something nutritious while you’re out and about and these tasty bars will keep you full for up to 5 hours.


  • Family Bike Ride. There are many trails at parks, gardens, or just around town to take your family on a bike ride. Often, there are also places to rent bikes from near beautiful areas and paths. This Mother’s Day check out a rental place or path to bring your own bikes for an action-packed family ride.


  • Bowling. Bowling is always an excellent choice as well. As an indoor activity that is a mix of sitting and standing, bowling makes as an attractive option that people of all ages can enjoy. This sport is one where you can compete against yourself, your team, or have two different teams compete against each other. This activity is truly one for the whole family!


Whether you prefer the indoors or the outdoors, want a high-intensity fitness day or a low impact day of movement, you’re celebrating your mother or someone is celebrating you – there are lots of options for a day filled with creating lifelong memories and joint experiences. Happy Mother’s Day!