3 Fast And Easy Summer Meals That Are Good For You


After a long day of work, errands, kids, getting it all done and keeping it running smoothly… guess what! Dinner is approaching yet again.

As much as we don’t want to prepare for it, as busy as we are… deep down we really want a delicious healthy home cooked dinner. We just don’t want to take the time actually to prepare it.

Who hears me on this?

That familiar scenario – I don’t want to move but I want a healthy dinner – happens every day like clockwork.

It’s so easy to rely on the same old edible-but-boring recipes we always throw together.

Or do a quick fast food run just this once. Mmhmm. Famous last words, just this once. That is a dangerous road to go down, so let’s just avoid it, shall we?

How about some tried and true recipes up your sleeve that come together with just a few ingredients, take no time to prepare, and make our bodies sing out loud to thank us afterward?

I thought so.

And who knows? Maybe that prep time of nourishing our bodies with the gift of a healthy dinner will spur on other things we’ve been putting off.  Walking around the block. Learning Italian.

So let’s get to it. Three healthy dinner ideas full of flavor, with few ingredients, and quick to prepare. Worth it, definitely!

Black Bean Green Chili Enchiladas


Honey Garlic Chicken


Ginger Soy Fish


When you try them out, let me know. Let’s celebrate your healthy dinner together!



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