The History

Bringing You Healthy Snacks For Over Three GenerationsOur story begins in 1918 – when a talented young New York Pharmacist, Samuel Abraham, added dentistry to his academic credentials. Dr. Abraham used his medical and pharmaceutical training to tinker with products in his lab, which lead to the development of several commercially available products.

1945 – Dr. Abraham bought The Thompson Medical Company which was formerly owned by Mr. E. K. Thompson of Titusville, Pennsylvania, providing products that could be sold directly to stores.

1961 – Stella Pharmaceutical Company was established to market Thompson Medical products in Canada. The company was named in honour of Dr. Abraham’s wife, Stella K. Abraham.

Still family-owned and operated by the third generation of pharmacists following in the footsteps of their grandfather.

Stella K. Abraham, the family matriarch, was always available to offer sage business advice and encouragement to her children and grandchildren. It was Stella’s choice of nutritious products for her family that led to the development of the Nutritional Foods Division of the Company. The Company later acquired the Nutribar brand in 1996.

Inspired by a noble beginning and proud history, the company looks forward to continued participation in the dynamic evolution of healthcare in North America supporting those in their quest for healthier food and lifestyle choices, thereby fostering a better quality of life.